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Present for nearly 10 years with the actors of the charity sector, Orixa Media has developed a sharp expertise in media coverage to boost your fundraising campaigns as well as the notoriety of associations or foundations. Holiday campaign, donations promotion, Grants account management, lead generation... Solutions for all your needs.


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After more than 10 years of existence and a hundred charities supported, Orixa Media creates Orixa Fundraising. A trademark expert of fundraising highlights as well as communication issues faced by non-profit organizations.

Led by Anne Roullier, a fundraising expert, in connection with all specialized agencies, and a partner of charitable institutions, Orixa Fundraising offers tailor-made support, adapted offers and a dedicated team.

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Google ad Grants

Simple and effective support throughout the year


Whatever the size of your organization, we can help you boost your fundraising.

Regular support

Acquisition of qualified leads, transmission to your call-center for a quick conversion.

Promoting philanthropy

Whether it's a common thread or a special event, let's increase the number of information seekers!

Apprenticeship tax

For companies to support you, a dedicated offer.

IFI Collection

Together to increase your collection from the wealthiest

Awareness campaign

Ad hoc strategies to grow your brand among the best targets!


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30 millions d'amis
Salvation army
Aux Captifs la Libération
CCFD Terre solidaire
Red Cross
Fondation Arc
France Alzheimer
Handicap Internationnal
Institut Pasteur de Lille
Petits frères des pauvres
Les Restos du coeur
La mie de pain
Samus social de Paris
Secours islamique
Secours Populaire
Gustave Roussy
Apprentis d'Auteuil

We started our collaboration on AdWords management issues, and then on campaign media coverage. Today, Orixa Media is helping us with our traffic generation, lead recruitment, brand awareness and fundraising activities. Constantly seeking the best performance and listening to the market, Orixa Media offers us countless options to enable us to improve our results. Their combined knowledge of the commercial and charitable sectors allows them to provide competitive strategies. Projects are managed with professionalism, understanding and goodwill... all in a dynamic and relaxed atmosphere. I truly recommend it!

Marie-Hélène Vouilloux

Digital Marketing Manager - CCFD

Our cooperation with Orixa Media began less than a year ago, and in a short period of time they have shown enough flexibility to respond to various changes in our objectives. We have moved from a strategy focused solely on direct fundraising to a longer-term, multi-lever strategy, mixing brand awareness, transformation and conversion. In addition to a weekly call, the teams are always very proactive in answering our questions or setting up new campaigns. This responsiveness allows us to have quality and reassuring exchanges for an advertiser, and to make regular arbitrages to optimize the profitability of our campaigns.

Marie Bretez Bourgeois

Digital Engagement Associate - UNHCR

For more than 5 years, the Orixa Media team has been supporting Gustave Roussy in our digital media fundraising strategy. This strategic and operational support is essential to optimise our fundraising expenditure on this channel and has enabled Gustave Roussy to emerge on the digital arena as a major player in cancer medical research. The collection of web donations now represents more than 10% of Gustave Roussy's fundraising and is a major channel for recruiting new donors for the Institute.

Gaëlle Le Roux

Direct Marketing Manager