Leads-to-call: the new El Dorado?

Many associations and foundations have embarked on lead acquisition strategies to attract regular donors. Well, it worked! With transformation rates ranging between 6 and 10%, these campaigns have proven to be very successful.

However, there are some rules that should be followed for better efficiency:

  • Prepare the campaign

Above all, it is important to choose your partners carefully. Lead supplier, creative agency, call centre… Each of them has a specific role to play and an impact on the outcome of the operation. It is by knowing each person’s methods that we can make the right choice and set the team as consistently as possible with regard to our own objectives.

Then, it is time to think about the themes and scope of the campaigns. And it takes more than one! For it is their diversity that will increase the volume in the long term. After that, the communication elements need to be prepared: landing-page, ads, visuals… Each element matters.

Finally, one must think about the growth base and deduplication: the size of the base plays a significant role in obtaining a large volume. We have to think carefully about which key populations to grow. Our advice: obviously active regular donors, 0-24 followers… and that’s it! Other donors or supporters may have good transformation rates by using a channel they may not be used to: the telephone.

  • Follow in real time

A leads-to-call campaign is run on a daily basis! Ad optimization, monitoring of day-to-day volumes, useful contact rate, share of wrong numbers… So many indicators that need to be monitored if we want to significantly improve results.

In addition, throughout the campaign, it may be necessary (and often is) to change the ads, both in substance and in form. We must therefore anticipate this point but also be ready, when the time comes, to have new visuals and new texts.

At the end of the campaign, a time for assessment is necessary. After the last leads have been obtained, they still have to be processed by the telesales agents. Once all the files have been worked on, it is possible to make a complete assessment of the lead volumes, the UC (useful contact) rate, the transformation rate, the reception of the selling points, etc. These are both quantitative and qualitative data that will allow us to adapt the next campaigns and make them as suitable as possible!

  • Plan the rest!

Because securing fundraising depends on an ever-increasing base of regular donors, lead acquisition campaigns must be conceived as a primary, year-round strategy. Consequently, it is necessary to prepare the themes, the periods of high activity, the intensification of volumes as soon as a news story specific to the organization is prepared, or on the months of strong regular donor transformation. As a general rule, the months to be favoured are January/February (new year’s resolutions) and September/October (back to school).

Want to know more about leads-to-call? Are you preparing a campaign?

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